Monday, March 12, 2012

Voting fraud by Dems and Holder

For years myself and others, notably John Fund of the WSJ have written about stopping voting fraud. The Justice-Holder group of thugs doesn't want that since the kow tow to special interests that are minorities and unions and want to keep what they say,voting opportunities open. Well, I agree with that. So why not have a tamper proof voting ID card much like SS? The DMV would have to close up if it did not have a picture Voter ID card. The lib-Dems have used Motor Voter, same day registration voting , voting the dead-illegals and double voting for years and years: since the days of Tammany Hall.  The threat that somehow minorities could not get a picture ID is nuts. Costco, Walmart all have them. Please. The Pubs must make this an election issue because in the Blue states, especially, voting irregularities always show up but nothing is done about them: Ill., Mich., Mn,, Fla. NY, Washing. state etc . It happens almost every election. The Justice attack this time is on TX. I pray that Perry fights back and gets the Pub estab. behind him on it. At least our 3 Prez candidates should speak up. The 1st Amendment is already under attack by this Justice Dept. and Bama. Voting is speech. Everyone eligible should be allowed to vote but with a picture ID,  at least they would be fair real voters.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taking up the cudgels once more.

I had been blogging on but fell off the pace. So now I am at it again. I am not sure how this site works so I start with faith in my mind, heart and ....fingers.  Most of the time in the past I have commented on religious, political, cultural items in the USA and 'round the world. I will continue because I think our time period is in a very real defining crisis of values, heritage and history. Quickly, I have been a teacher of polysci for nearly 50 years and a pastor for 20. Now retired, I have worked in politics, church, and school surroundings. All are important to our society. As a Christian , my bias is that HISTORY is His-Story. I am very opinionated and know that gets me into trouble. Still, I do believe in truth and that there is a Godly definition of right and wrong and that Jesus Christ is the King of Salvation , Eternity and History. I have been blessed with a good memory and I use it historically, spiritually and socially. I try to deal in stats, facts as well as trends and want inter-action. I love townhall, Drudge, Realclearpolitics, Fox, FreeRepublic, newsmax, and other sites including some liberal ones because that is the only way to see how the opposers think and act. Come join me in railing and rallying.